Our process

  • Step 1


    First meeting(s) to have a clear idea of what´s the client requirements, functionalities and design. This help us get a better understandment of the project. Time to start working!

  • Step 2


    Wireframing is a quick and easy way of working out how your project will look before we have a signed off design concept or final content.

  • Step 3


    Our designers will make a recommendation based upon your requirements specifications, it´s helpful to know the pros and cons of each approach.

  • Step 4


    The project development phase begin after the design is fully signed off. With recurring meetings to ensure requirements stay up to date and get a clear view of the current state.

  • Step 5


    Project goes live, it´s time to share it with the world!

What do you need to get started


Gather as much information about you brand as possible: logo, texts, about us, images…


For e-comerce stores all the products and respective texts have to be provided by you.


Documents: terms and conditions and privacy policies