Project Description

The project

Crypto is an e-wallet that allows users to buy, keep, and transfer their cryptocurrency

assets online from everywhere. Cryptocurrency can be a difficult subject for a lot of

people so our main goal was to make the experience as easy as possible, with all the

information needed to make good choices always available and easily comprehensible.



HEX: 0B182B
RGB: 11, 24, 43

HEX: 1D74F5
RGB: 29, 116, 245

HEX: 38E08C
RGB: 56, 224, 140

HEX: E3507A
RGB: 227, 80, 122

HEX: F7931A
RGB: 247, 147, 26


The dashboard displays all the important features of the website, from the marketplace to

the most recent news. Making it extra easy to control your assets. We also added a side

bar to make the navigation through pages even more simple.

The app

Your digital wallet always in your pocket.

Color palette

Choose from our two color palettes and make your experience

even more enjoyable.


With the recent growth of the crypto market more and more people are starting to invest in

cryptocurrency so it is important that our platform breaks down these big concepts and

makes it easy and simple for everyone looking.

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