Project Description

The project

PARTY TILES is a true first to market app built for interactive activities and creating

memories for any occasion. To showcase this app it was important to focus on the various

ways in witch it can be used.



RGB: 235, 27, 45

HEX: E11988
RGB: 225, 25, 136

RGB: 44, 176, 218

HEX: E11988
RGB: 225, 25, 136

The website

This app has many possibilities so it was important to showcase it in a way that wasn’t

limiting on the many creative ways it can be used. We also extended the visual identity of the

app to the website to make sure everything was cohesive.

Landing page

Such a versatile app needs a range of landing pages directed to different markets.

Mobile version

We also created a mobile version making sure that everything looks and functions just

as well on the small screen.


Party tiles is a fun and innovative way to connect with friends and coworkers to make life

easier and more enjoyable. Showcasing the app without restricting its possibilities was a

challenge that we happily took on, making sure everyone could see its full potential without

compromising the already established visuals of the app.

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