The project Crypto is an e-wallet that allows users to buy, keep, and transfer their cryptocurrency assets online from everywhere. Cryptocurrency can be a difficult subject for a lot of people so our main goal was to make the experience as easy as possible, with all the information needed to [...]



The project Sholace is a shoe brand that prides itself on using the finest selected leathers, exclusive fabrics and other materials. Since the company doesn’t sell directly to the customer this project consisted of three parts: the client, the resellers, and the manufactures.     The [...]



THE PROJECT Bikezone is a cycling shop with a new concept of service in this sector. It has an outstanding personality that stands out for being unique and original. This website allows the user to easily browse through the products ensuring the best shopping experience. THE [...]



The project Slowing is a sustainable clothing brand that invests in friendly fabrics with very small environmental impact. It’s patterns are created using block printing, an ancient printing technique, where artisans hand-carved the desired pattern into a wooden block. It was imperative that this connection with nature was shown through [...]

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